Geistes Blitz

Geistes Blitz

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Geistesblitz is a lightning fast word game.

Players are dealt a number of letter chips. A random letter is placed on the first lightning field. Now players simultaneously try to find a word with that letter and a letter chip of their choice from their pile of chips.

It does not matter where the two letters are located in the new word, but the two letters have to be in the sequence displayed on the board.

For example the first letter chip is "A". Player1 has a "N" chip, so he shouts "ANd" and places the "N" on the Blitz board on the field next to the "A". Now the players just have to find a new word with "N" and a letter of their choice from their chip piles. Player2 has a "E" and shouts "liNE". he places the "E" chip on the next field.

Game ends when a letter chip is placed on the last field on the blitz board. Player with the smallest number of chips left wins.